What is Conch Shell? Know The Remarkable Benefits Of Blowing A Conch Shell

Know The Startling Effects of  Conch Shell


According to Hindu mythology, shank or conch shell has a special relevance for every Hindu. Many people keep the conch shell in their houses during Pooja or when they are doing any devotional work. Some people believed that, blowing a conch shell in the house before any special offerings bring positive vibes in the home. The reason Lord Vishnu also keeps the conch shell with them, is because it’s a sign of positivity. Blowing Shank with controlled breath, emanates “Om” sound from it.  Sound vibes coming out from Shank possess several and mysterious powers.

Benefits Of Blowing Conch Shell

Blowing conch shell enhances the mental strength of an individual, such as courage, determination, hope and willpower. Blowing shank will dispel the negative vibes from the house and protects the house from the evil effects.

Benefits Of Blowing Conch Shell


It also cures problem related to the skin, such as skin diseases, rashes, allergies, etc. Store some water in a conch overnight and next morning massage your body with conch water, you ‘ll surely get benefited. Store some water in a conch shell as mentioned above, put some rose water to it. Wash your hair with this mixture for restoring natural colors of hairs.

Astrological Benefits 

People believed that keeping coach shells in the house will bring immense golden opportunities related to monetary gain, wealth and fame. It is believed that the consecration of conch shell’s water to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi will endow monetary gain, health, wealth and fame in an individual’s life.

Health Benefits Of Blowing Conch Shell


Conch shell also plays a crucial role in medical science, its ash is commonly used to treat menopause.Blowing Shank will also provide mental stability and peace to an individual. The healing sounds of conch shell are a real massage for ear, eyes and nose. Blowing conch shell will improve the working of respiratory system, it’s good for health.

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What is Conch Shell? Know The Remarkable Benefits Of Blowing A Conch Shell
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