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Shani Sade Sati: Astrological Importance and Interpretations

Due to the proficiency of Indian Astrologers, Shani deva or Saturn is a much known name in every corner of the world. Western psychics and astrologers use Saturn a lot in their prophecies and predictions.

Saturn is also used to mint money by many astrologers worldwide. Some do it and some don’t do it.

In India there is hardly anyone who is not familiar with this name Shani sade sati.

Let us read more about the importance given to Saturn in Hindu texts. He is the son of Lord Surya or Lord Aaditya. When he was born, the astrologers told Sun not to go near him till few months but due to love of only child and that too a son, Sun could not resist himself and went to see him.

And when he saw his son, due to his aura the son went black. This is one narrative and there is another one too.

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Let us now come to the things which are governed or ruled by Saturn. It is a planet with a very large size and moves very slowly. It takes around 2.5 years for Saturn to complete a transit in one sign and almost thirty years to complete the cycle.

One can understand the impact which it must be giving to a native in its transit.

Saturn is supposed to be the giver of Justice, our deeds whether they are good or bad, it is in the hands of Saturn only about how to give the fruits of those in the next birth. This is the importance attached with this planet.

No wonder there are lacs of astrologers and occultists doing the trading of fear of Saturn.

Saturn is a planet which has the power to make one grow like anything or doomed like anything. All the rags to riches stories are due to Saturn only.

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What is this sade sati and what does it do?

 It is said that when Saturn comes to the house before the house in which moon is posited at the time of birth and transits till the next house from the birth moon, this whole period is called sade sati.

This is a period of 7.5 years because as I told you that Saturn takes 2.5 years in passing from one sign to another.

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A person can have maximum two sade sati’s in his life, very rarely one gets to have the third sade sati because it will be the 90th year for Saturn to come to that starting point again and now a days though life expectancy has risen dramatically due to modern age science, still it is rare to see the third sade sati.

The first sade sati gives lots of obstacles, it is believed, and the native suffers in all spheres of his life. If he is looking for a job then he will never get the desired job and whatever he will get will be very low paying and frustrating for him.

If one is looking for marriage then he or she will find it hard to get married because even things all things will get settled, something averse will happen at the last moment and the ceremony will be denied to the native.

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If one is looking for a home then he will find it hard to get a home and he may have to settle for a home which is not as per his wishes or he may actually wander uselessly to find one.

The second sadesati is very hard on the native  and the third one reward with many things but the native is not able to enjoy anything by that time.

Many astrologers themselves fear this sade sati and they also make their clients aware that from this or that year sade sati is going to begin so be careful and do your important tasks before that time.

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I have seen very few people suffering due to only sade sati, there are many other factors combined in a horoscope which makes one suffer in his life. So in my opinion one should not be afraid much about this sade sati phenomenon.

By Acharya Raman

Shani Sade Sati: Astrological Importance and Interpretations
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