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Effect of Saturn transit over natal planets

Saturn Transit over Sun

Saturn and Sun are platonic perennial enemies and also father and Sun. Some or other problem to the father of native is likely when Saturn transits over the natal Sun. One may feel that lethargy possesses him more than ever and his energy levels are decreasing. Some may suffer loneliness and feeling of not being supported by anyone. Reality of life faces us with full colors and one sees the truth as it is and not with any presumptions. Some people may end their useless relationships.

Saturn transit over natal moon:

Saturn produces melancholia in natives when it transits over natal moon or transit moon conjuncts transit Saturn. One tends to become critical and points to the flaws more than positivity of people. Depressive thoughts are also a possibility and one may try to end his life also in this period. One goes through a lot of introspection. One becomes very lonely and does not share his view point with others. One gets to get away from his friends and relations.

Saturn transit over natal Mercury:

One does not enjoy meaningless talks now. He is more interested in serious and intellectual talks and debates. One tries to make things simpler and do them one by one. One gets the ability to be more sarcastic and negative in speech. Sense of humor also tends to be more towards disrespecting others. One does not entertain people like he used to do earlier and may be labeled as too much withdrawn. The focus is more sharpened which makes you not spare much time for others.

 Saturn transit over natal Venus:

Venus is a natural friend of Saturn in Vedic astrology. Still, Saturn shows it colors when it transits over natal Venus. One may start suspecting the relationship going through in the time and this may lead to miscommunication and possible end of relationships. One becomes hungrier for sex and look for it at more places than one. The questions related to self esteem and charisma appears more than often in the mind of the native. Some may actually find that they are being cheated by their partners and end is the only solution left after that. You may have differences with your partner more than usual. One also tends to spend extravagantly which may cause financial burden which eventually makes one spend wisely in the end.

Saturn transit over natal Mars:

When Mars is transited over by Saturn then there are many changes which come in the life of a native related to his anger, passion etc. One`s approach towards life changes a bit and more cal and cool attitude may be taken by him. One sees delays and dejections if he tries to be very fast and dominating and gets frustrated due to it. One may become dull an lack drive for his passions or goals but later on things get better and one understands in a better way about how to go about things and people in general. This is a very good time to go to gym or do Yogic exercises.

Saturn transit over natal Jupiter

In this time one prioritizes things about his life and how to make the most of it in a planned way. It also makes you focus on your outlook towards life and takes you towards a more balanced and focused personality. One may change his business plans in this time and he may also change his business in totality. One comes to know about the reality of his expectations from life and people and whether they are real or ballooned.

By Acharya Raman

Effect of Saturn transit over natal planets
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