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Problems in Romance: The Culprit Could be Your Horoscope

Love is such a beautiful feeling and so commercially viable too. Since ages mankind have been running after here and there to find true love and in the end he realizes that it is only God with whom one can have true love and not with any mortal.

Did you knew that your horoscope can be the biggest spoilsport in your romance?

Due to our modern mechanized life style, people have become more of robots rather than humans with some good feel in their mind.

This is one issue which creates a lot of problems in interpersonal matters particularly love matters. The other reason is your own horoscope and placement of planets in it.

This is what we will be discussing about today

The irony of life is we cannot see horoscope of someone and then fall in love, it is only after we see many breakups we run to find a solution and either through a friend or by self one finds an astrologer or any kind of alternate healer.

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In Hindu astrology three are 9 planets and some are friendly with each other and some are not. When one falls in love with a person whose planets are not in tandem with his own then initially there can be a dream come true situation but later on only nightmares are left.

One should first of all see his own horoscope and see whether he is going to have an affair or not and whether he will be happy with it or not?

And it is not a very difficult thing to find out. All you need to do is to see the position of the 5th house lord and 5th house in your horoscope from the ascendant and only from the ascendant.

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If the lord of the 5th house is placed in houses 6, 8, 12 then we can say that love is not what you should be focusing on much in your life, instead if it is placed in 2nd 5th, 7th, 11th house then you can expect that you will find love and it will be giving you happiness for some time at-least.

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But this is not all; we have to see who are placed in the 5th house. Even if the 5th house lord is placed beneficially, if Mars, Sun, Saturn or Rahu-Ketu are placed in the 5th bhava then they will not allow any love matter to go for long. One will have to be satisfied with short term flicks only and will face sadness in the end.

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Aspects also play a very important role, if a malefic is aspecting the 5th house lord then it will also bring problems in love matters of a native. Not only this, if the 5th house is aspected by the malefics then also dents will be there in love life of a native.

The individual nature of a person too can be a problem, if the lagna is occupied by malefic then the naitve may not have a good character, but this only thing is not a surety for the same, if the 7th bhava is afflicted then also problems will be there.

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If malefic are aspecting the lagna then also there will be problems. It is experienced by many astrologers that sometimes aspect are more harmful then the placement of the actual planet himself in those houses.

We have to see the navansha too in this matter because the navansha is the refined horoscope. Many times people have great yogas in their charts but they live a very simple life and this is due to the bad position of those planets in the navansha.

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The dasha of the native is also a very important factor. If one is going through the dasha of the planets which signify detrimental houses to the matters of love then one may see his affair getting broken abruptly.

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Thus, by now you must have understood that it is very easy to fall in love with someone but whether that individual will have the same feel for you and the matter will continue as long as you want – depends upon many factors and this is not only with love but with all the matters in the life of a human. The houses keep changing but the pattern remains the same.

By Acharya Raman


Problems in Romance: The Culprit Could be Your Horoscope
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