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Mars Transit in Virgo, Know the Effects on You

Mars will be transiting to Virgo on 13th October and will remain there till 30th of November. Let us see what will be the effects on natives of 12 ascendants, the results will differ from person to person and will be maximum if you are passing through the dasa of Mars:


You can expect too much of pressure in all areas of your life including work, personal life and romance. There is possibility of minor health issues and quarrels with your known people. You will dominate over your enemies. Keep away from Red color in this period. There will be loss of money in this time.


There will be problems in your love life. You will have to bear higher expenses to make things in control. You should keep away from speculations. There will be hurdles in your inner progress. Those looking to initiate love matters should wait for some time.


Elderly people should take care of health properly specially those who have cardiac or breathing issues. You should drive carefully and get your vehicle serviced promptly. Try to do some meditation to ease off the restlessness which will come in this time.


There will be good progress in your work or business. You will do some short travels and may visit your younger relative`s home. There can be some disagreements with your neighbors. You may think to change your residence.


You may suffer from minor eye problems. There can be some cuts or bruises too. You may use foul language with people you should be respectful. Avoid eating very spicy foods. There will be gain of money. People into real estate will have good profits.

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There is chance of injury on your face or head. Keep your cool and think twice before you say anything. There will be increased expenses and you will have to spend on useless things. There is very chance of defamation so be careful. You will make some short travels.


Expenses are going to rise. Wastage’s will be there. You will be making egoistic purchases. Health issues will crop up. There can be misunderstanding between you and your spouse. You may have stomach aches. There is likelihood of minor injury or bruise.


You will get favors from natives of opposite sex. Love matters will be profitable.  There will be progress in your career. Things will be easy for you. People will listen to what you have to say. You will be popular among your friends. Stay away from stock markets.

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There can be some misunderstandings with your father. You may have some disagreement with your teacher. You will have sluggish progress in your career. There is possibility of dispute at your workplace. Keep your tone down and let this time pass peacefully. You will be aggressive but it won`t yield much results.


There is a good yoga forming in transit for you. It will very good if you visit some holy place and do charities there and perform “pooja” of your “kul- devi or devta”. Long travels are likely and you will enjoy this time. You may travel with your father or teacher. Career will be fine.

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Be careful at your workplace. There will be people who may try to defame you just out of jealousy from you. You may be reprimanded for things you have not done intentionally. Career may not be as good as you might have thought. Do not go for job change in this time.

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Personal life may suffer due to two malefic present in your 7th house. Your temper may also be a problem for you. Don`t be in tantrums otherwise you will be the one to lose. Business people will have gain of money. You will have travels related to work or business.

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Mars Transit in Virgo, Know the Effects on You
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