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Mars transit in Cancer, Know the Effects on Your Horoscope

Mars is going to transit to cancer on 11th of July

Mars is a very important planet and it`s transit usually generate positive or negative effects upon the natives as per their ascendants and complete horoscopes. Read below to know the effects of Mars transit in cancer upon different ascendants:

                       Aries : Be low headed for some time

There will be more aggression in your approach towards your career but it will not be yielding many results, in-fact you may see your efforts backfiring. It is advised to keep a low profile and do not be hot headed in this period especially if you are born in Ashwini.

                      Taurus: Be careful with your personal life

Short travels and wastages are clear. You may have some problem with your love partner and spouse. There can be some issue with your younger sibling and your communication may suddenly be out of context with people.

                       Gemini: Happy days folks!!!

Friends are going to be helpful and job will be going good. You will have some repairs in your home and may also think to do something about your immovable assets. Have a control on your anger and rash language.

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                       Cancer: Caution ! Go ahead carefully

There will be sudden irritation and things will fall apart just like that. You will have mental tensions for no good reason. You may be visited by your younger sibling. Expenses will be high and you may over do your indulgences.

                             Leo: Don`t trust your luck

Luck is not going to favor you much in this time, better stick to basics and do not try to be smart otherwise results will be reverse of your expectations. You may have to go away from home for some time. There will be gain of money but you will not be able to hold it.

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                              Virgo:Media people make merry 🙂

Virgo: You may have some gains from your brothers; you may have some benefits from old articles in your home. Those who are into media, entertainment, blogging, and internet will have a better time. You will make new friends in this time.

                               Libra: Not so much goodness 🙁

You may borrow money from someone. You will have some health issues. There may be some loss in legal matters. Some gains are possible to people in real estate. You will have expenses on your travels and wastages will be there. Luck will give what you have not think to get and will not give what you are absolute about.

                            Scorpio:    Enjoy the time !! 🙂

Scorpio: An absolutely good time is going to come for you; you will have long travels and do some good deeds. You will have good time with friends. You may take some tough decisions in this time. Your success will come faster than others. Luck may not favor you in the correct way.

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                           Sagittarius: Repay back, Earn Credibility

Sagittarius: The 12th house lord is in the 8th house. This is a good time making clear your debts, you may be victimized for things you have not done. You may get a sudden promotion or you turn may come before than expected. You may have differences with your spouse.

                                Capricorn: Not Good 🙁

Different kind of emotions will be coming up and down; you will have some scuffles with your spouse. You may become suspicious about your spouse. You may make friends with bad people and may have illicit relationship. There will be new business deals if you are a partner.

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                              Aquarius: Disturbances and More…

Love matters will not be satisfactory. Married life will be disturbed. Your work progress will be halted. You will have losses in speculation. There will be too much confusion in mind and you will be getting irritated off and on.

                             Pisces: Positive things may happen

You will have new love relation sprouting up in your mind and you will have the dare to ask for it too. It may turn green or red as per your natal horoscopes. You may shift your home if it is rented. You will have friends from far off places.

Those who are going through the Mahadasha or the antara or the pratyanatar of Mars will have the maximum effect and others will not be having so much to enjoy or suffer. This is not a big transit so even if you seen some negatives happening , rest assured it will be over in few days and the same will be true for the positive things too.

By Acharya Raman

Mars transit in Cancer, Know the Effects on Your Horoscope
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