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India Australia first t-20 Astrology Prediction

We are going to witness the first T-20 , an enthusiast gave me number 126 in favor of Australia.

Australia it seems has never been t-20 world cup winner though it is been a winner many times in other formats, may be my knowledge of cricket history of Australia is not perfect but it hardly matters to me. I am much interested in knowing the winner of today’s match because some one in the office asked me about this.

IPL Prediction 2018

Many times these predictions go wrong for no particular reason, more likely because the person giving the number is not serious or the astrologer is not observing the indications keenly. Anyways let us see what happens to the wish of my friend astrologically, God only knows the result and no one else because this is not IPL of India.

I would like to reassert which i do in every prediction of mine that these are just for astrological purposes and if some one is basing his any kind of decisions on these predictions then Astrovidhi or the astrologers of Astrovidhi are not responsible for any of the losses which may or may not occur.

Below is the chart:


The 6th cusp sublord is Mercury placed in 12th house from the ascendant and in star of moon.

Mercury is placed in the sub of Mercury itself.

India should win this match.

By Acharya Raman

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India Australia first t-20 Astrology Prediction
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