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The imprisonment of Ram Rahim

Dear readers, today is a glorious day in the history of Indian law and the CBI court today gave Ram Rahim 10 years imprisonment. I predicted, 10 years imprisonment for the accused 30 minutes before the judgement came, on my facebook wall and below I give the calculation based on KP Paddhati:

Below is the horoscope which was the base of the prediction:

This I had predicted 30 minutes before the decision of the Judge came, I owe this prediction completely to the quick prediction system told by sahasne ji who learnt it from his Guru Shree Hasbe ji.

We will take the LSRD NOW

Lord of the Ascendant: Jupiter : 21

Star lord of moon: Jupiter : 21

Sign lord of Moon: Mars : 9

Day Lord: Moon : Moon: 4

We will add these numbers and the total we get is 10.

I had 7,  10 and life imprisonment in my mind when I was trying to find out the verdict.

Everyone was curious to know and though this is not a good to predict such things, i could not wait more to know and so predicted.

Long Live KP System

By Acharya Raman



The imprisonment of Ram Rahim
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