This Astrological Elephant’s Idol Will Brandish Sadness And Negativity From Your Life

This elephant statue is the symbol of the peace and serenity. As per astrologers, this is one the astrological remedies which will bring wisdom, good luck and immense positivity in your life.

The Chinese pronunciation of elephant’s name is “Hsiang”, which means good revenue and prosperity. It is auspicious to be placed both at home or at the workplace. This elephant’s idol will sate all your desires and wishes.

The pages of mythology witnessed that elephant is the symbol of Lord Ganesha, which manifold the auspiciousness of this statue. As per Vastu, keeping the elephant’s idol or showpiece will bring immense benefits in many ways.

 Symbol Of Strength

The Elephant’s body is huge and strong. And it’s trunk is the most flexible and the strongest part of its body. The elephant performs many types of work from its trunk, like an elephant, uses its trunk to lift heavy things, stuffing the trunk and bathing themselves and also to saluting the people.

As per Feng Shui, the elephant’s trunk is associated with positivity and auspiciousness.  Different currencies of elephant’s trunk indicate some auspicious fruit.

It Also Brings Immense Good Luck And Wisdom

The most auspicious picture is the picture of a trunk rising above the elephant, people living in the aura of this positive and mystical picture will increases the fate their good luck and this picture will bring positivity and good luck to the house.

Symbol Of Peace And Serenity

It is said the house in which there is a picture of the elephant’s trunk rising above it,  the people living there will always bound with the positive vibes. Keeping the elephant’s ideal in the home will bring immense peace and serenity in life.

This Astrological Elephant’s Idol Will Brandish Sadness And Negativity From Your Life
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