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What is the Impact of Moon on Your Life?

Moon is a very important planet in Vedic astrology. In modern day science too it is considered to be very effective. Many scientific researchers have shown that human psyche is directly connected with moon. 

Impact of Moon on our lives

In Vedic astrology too, it is the prime planet for intellect, money, and longevity. In fact, the position of moon at the time of birth gives many clues about the future life of the native. There are 27 constellations and each having 4 quarters. The effect of moon in a particular quarter itself is signifying something or the other about a native.

Everyone is aware of full and new moon days. We know that on full moon the sea level rises and on new moon it decreases. We all are 70 percent water only, all the living organisms so it is apparent that the effect of moon will fall on us too.

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The day of New moon or amavasya is much awaited by the black magicians, exorcists, and occultists as it is the day considered auspicious to do bad things.

It is very well known fact that moon is considered very bad in houses 6, 8, and 12 in a horoscope because it reduces the longevity of the native. Even in transit, when moon is in these houses of a native, he experiences mental tensions, irritations, and blankness in mind and this has been observed by me umpteen times in past 15-20 years.

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Not only on mental but also on physical health moon has its impact. A weak moon may give poor eyesight, poor digestion, poor reproductive power, poor intelligence, and regular fevers. These are very common offerings of an afflicted or weak moon in a horoscope.

Importance of Good and Strong Moon

A good and strong moon gives a very good mentality and attitude. The person with a strong moon can sustain many pressures of life and still remain non complaining where as the native with a weak or afflicted moon will always be looking for excuses, will be blaming others for his own fault.

Money is also connected with moon, even if there are no great yogas in a horoscope, we see that the native has good inflow of money because even if other benefics are not good, Moon in the horoscope is very strong and thus the native never suffers due to poverty.

Effects of Bad Moon

Reverse to it, when moon is not good, afflicted, or ill yoga like “Kemdrum” is forming in the horoscope, the native either remain poor all life, loses all his wealth even after born in royal family and dies in poverty.

We all know the power of Zero. When added to a number it increases the value of it. The same is with moon, when it conjoins benefics it produces many important yogas like when it is conjunct Jupiter or is placed in an angle from it then it creates a very important yoga in Vedic Astrology called “Gajkesari” Yoga.

The same goes with Mars and in this situation Lakshmi Yoga is formed which bestows the native with lots of wealth and happiness.

The various incidents which occur due to moon are:

  • Tides
  • Hallucinations
  • Mental attacks
  • Haunting
  • Ghosts and Spirits activities
  • Werewolf appears on the full moon on many places
  • Nightmares
  • Negative Feelings about someone sitting close by
  • Poverty
  • Opulence

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And apart from this, the moon`s position in the horoscope in a sign, star also hints for many things.

Thus we see that Moon is not just a planet or a satellite but something which has many things to do in our lives since our birth till we die.

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So much of life`s decisions depend upon the condition of moon not only in our horoscope but also in the transit which give a major impact either positive or negative.

Remedies of Weak Moon 

If you have a weak moon in your horoscope then you should do the Vedic remedies and wear the stones or amulets to empower moon and live a better life. Otherwise chances are that you may not have a happy go lucky life like many of your friends and foes equally.

Hope this article has given you enough food for thought for now.

By Acharya Raman

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What is the Impact of Moon on Your Life?
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