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How to Match Kundali on your Own – Basic Tips

Hindu way of life is very well connected with astrology. In ancient times, all the powerful people used to have a set of astrologers who used to guide them for every major decision in life. Normal people too consulted astrologers and too many things depended upon what the astrologer has told.

Marriage in Hindu way of life is very important event. In-fact, it is the most sought after event by the mothers of the daughters and sons. In every Hindu household an astrologer or many astrologers are consulted before finalising the Boy or the Girl because the belief system says that marriages that are based upon the horoscope/kundali matching are more sustainable then those which are not.

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There are many things considered while doing a match making and many of them are based on the birth moon position. Most of the websites provide free matchmaking and all the software’s come with this feature embedded as a must.

Those astrologers who do not use software use an almanac or panchang for this purpose and match the girl and boy compatibility as per their birth star. It is given in every panchang.

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In north India “ashtkoot” match making is used and in south Indian “dashkoot” match making is used.

We will discuss about “ashtkoot” match making which covers eight points:

1) Varna

This is primarily a classification of the quality (cast) of the signs in which one has taken birth. The classification is done as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shoodra.

2) Vashya

Generally, Vashya means – influence. In mutual relation who will influence and how much is basically seen by this. The 12 signs are divided into 3 types Viz: Male sign, Quadruped Sign and Watery Sign. And the classification is done on this basis only.

3) Tara

The birth star of boy is counted from the star of girl and the same is done for the girl, and they are divided by 9 and the resultant number decides whether the match is good or not. This is connected with the longevity of both.

4) Yoni

All the stars are given a particular animal to relate to and this is a match of the sexuality between the two. Some animals are friends with each other and some are considered foes and the marriage is not allowed between foes yoni animals.

5) Grahmaitri

This is again based on the sign lord of birth Moon. Some planets are said to be friends with each other and others are said to be enemies or neutral towards each other.

It is said that one should not marry a person who does not have good grahmaitri. There will always be some or other issue cropping up in the married life.

6) Gana

All the 27 constellations are divided into 3 ganas i.e. Dev, Manushya, Raakshas and the match is done to find who is having which gana. Marriage between Dev and Raakshas gana is prohibited. There will be no mental compatibility between the couple if they get married in this prohibited Gana match.

7) Bhakoot

This is another important factor which is seen in a marriage match making. The position of moon of the boy and girl are calculated with respect to each other to know whether they will be able to have a life full of enjoyment and bliss or not.

Some positions are not considered good and some are considered excellent. The bad positions are 5-9, 6-8, and 2-12. They are from the position of moon of the boy to that of girl`s birth moon sign.

8) Nadi

This is a measure for progeny. The score of this pointer decides whether the couple will have a healthy child or not. There are aadi, madhya and antya nadi and when the couple have the same nadi it produces dosha.

It is seen many times that couple having same nadi had problems related to child birth. This is basically DNA or lineage sampling in more rational words. We know very well that a certain religion allows marriage in the same family and most of the child related issues crop in the same religion.

So this was all related to match making and I am sure it will be now easier to understand what each pointer means.

By Acharya Raman

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How to Match Kundali on your Own – Basic Tips
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