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Goods and Service Tax : GST Astrological Perspective

India and the GST OR Goods and Service tax

Last night we all became witness to the most sought after reform in India. The GST or Goods and Service tax. India is going through the mahadasha of Moon and the antara of Rahu till 11-8-2018. It is in the pratyantara of Jupiter this GST has happened.

Ironically, the rising ascendant at the time of implementation of GST is Pisces.

Pisces, as we all know is a watery dual sign which is very wavering.

It does not have much hold, where as Sagittarius – the other sign of Jupiter is very dynamic and prominent due to its fiery nature.

Goodness all over the chart

When we look at the horoscope, Jupiter and moon are forming a very good Gajkesari yoga in a dual and Earthy sign which is an irony in itself. But they are aspecting the lagna and giving strength of the ascendant. In other words, Modi is going to go ahead further with his reforms agenda.

At this time, the 2nd and 9th lord Mars is aspecting the 7th , 10th and 11th house which are the house of Business, Luck and profits. It is conjoined with the 7th lord Mercury and also the 6th lord Sun.

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The conjunction of 6th lord is not at all bad here; it will only give boost to the aspirations of the government.

Rahu is placed in the sign Leo, which is the sign of government and this may produce some protests against the government but as Honorable President of India, Shree Pranab Mukherjee, said yesterday that it is like the coming of new teeth in a new born which does gives pain initially but is very essential for a person and we are going to see the same happening.

There will be many protests against the Government regarding this GST just like we saw at the time of demonetization but later things will fall in to the right place.

The 3rd house lord is placed in 3rd house and th 4th house lord in 4th house itself. This will ensure smooth communication and implementation of the law and agencies will try hard to make this thing easy for all at the earliest.

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Good Days Ahead for the Citizens

Right now there is confusion all around and common man does not know how things are going to change and how his life will be affected but in the horoscope, it is evident that in the time to come good days are there waiting for this great and ancient nation.

Though Saturn is retrograde but it is a good thing, being the lord of 12th house placed in the 9th it is saying that our relations are going to become stronger with foreign countries and as lord of 11th in 9th it is giving a very good yoga too but this retrogression will not allow it to exert its fruits as of now but when Saturn will be direct, surely things will have a better shape.

The aspect of Venus on 9th bhava also gives strength to the 9th House because Venus is a natural benefic and giver of all the worldly pleasures.

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Vipreet raja yoga :A blessing in disguise

Here Venus is also forming a very fine vipreet raja yoga for the moment because it is aspected by the 12th lord and it is the 8th lord of the chart. This is indeed the hidden treasure of this horoscope, where people will think that GST will not be able to give the desired results, reversly it will deliver the promised things before time- It is very much likely.

At the time of implementing the law, the dasha is Moon – Rahu, India too is passing through the dasa of Moon- Rahu and both are going to end in last phase of 2018. So it seems 2019 will come with many new things for the nation and by that time we all will be accustomed to this new tax regime.

By the end of August 2017 itself, there will be calmness regarding this law.

I wish luck to the Government, though this idea was brain child of Manmohan Singh but he could  not implement it because of the powerless and spineless regime he was given.

As per Honorable President, it took 14 years to see this into live form.

By Acharya Raman

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Goods and Service Tax : GST Astrological Perspective
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