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Career in Travel Blogging: Astrological Perspective

Almost everyone has seen the channel “Discovery” and other such channels. Every globe trotter carries “Lonely Planet” with him. It is a very genuine investment one should do even in the age of Google and trip advisor.

Do you know that this is a million dollar or more worth industry – writing about places you travel and travel to write and earn your living. It is full of enjoyment and fun, meeting new people and discovering various cultures, cuisines, weathers, vegetation, flora and fauna and what not.

Today let us talk about a person who has been doing exactly the same on national level and soon may be doing globally.

This article is to make you understand that if you have these traits in your horoscope you can be a blogger and not run after 9 to 5 jobs after a time and make your dreams come true by doing things you like all the time.

The third house is the main house for communication, writing, media etc. It is also the house of short travels but 9th is the main house of long travels. Mars is the planet which gives the courage to do the things others won`t try.

The ascendant should be an airy sign preferably or fiery. Jupiter is the knowledge seeker and Saturn likes to dig out the deeper things. Mercury is also knowledge seeker and chatter, and communicator.

Now let us take a look at the horoscope below, and we will be seeing it from both Vedic and KP perspective:

In the above horoscope, see the connection between the third house lord Sun, Lagna lord mercury, 10th lord Jupiter. Mercury in the ascendant itself has given him writing abilities and the usual restlessness which is associated with mercury.

To find new people and places, interacting with all sorts of people is what happens and then to express it all in words  is what the native is doing.

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The 9th house lord and the 11th house lord is aspecting the lagna. The courage to do the things with the strong aspect of mars and liking for far off places due to 9th house lord`s aspect.

The dispositor of both Saturn and mars placed in the ascendant giving the nature to love travel and write about it.

The native is passing through the dasa of Jupiter till 2029 so most of his time will be under the sway of Jupiter.

Jupiter is knowledge seeker, philosopher, truth and law abiding personality but also very hiding in nature, the native may hide his negative side very easily because of Jupiter`s blessings.

The antara is of Saturn till 2018 and the native has been traveling all throughout in the period of Saturn and expressing himself on the internet.

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Venus is placed in own sign in 12th house which is a gift for the native, it is the best house for Venus and it is placed in own sign.

The 10th cusp sub lord is Rahu. Rahu is placed in Capricorn, it is in star of Moon and sub of Jupiter placed in the lagna. Rahu becomes the significator of 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th  and 1st   house.

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The mahadasha lord Jupiter is placed in own star and sub or mercury. It is conjunct Sun and Mercury both. The antara lord Saturn is aspected by Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and it is in the star of Sun and rahu sub.

If we see, in both the ways houses 1,3, 9 and 10 and connected. The native is a travel geek and active you tuber and blogger, the prominence of the third house.

If you have these combinations in your horoscope then do try to make yourself a  blogger or you tuber or a travel blogger and vlogger and make your living by it.

Follow your dreams and they will start following you.

By Acharya Raman

Career in Travel Blogging: Astrological Perspective
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