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Career horoscope 2019-Aries

The houses 10th and 6th denote the state of job for a person. Your 10th lord happens to be Saturn which is also your 11th house lord. Saturn is also the badhaka planet for you. For movable ascendants, the 11th lord is the badhaka. Saturn is transiting in 8th house which is the house for obstacles, hurdles, troubles, long diseases, and hidden earnings. Thus there will be a pinch of delay attached to your works whatever you are into, but it will happen for sure as Saturn himself has the authority to approve it by being the lord of 10th house.

Janm Kundali

If you are running the dasha of Saturn, Rahu or ketu , Jupiter then you will not be able to do much in this year but things will keep moving at a slow and very irritating pace. In fact, you may think to leave present job or location and your married or love life may be hit due to this.

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Horoscope 2019

Till 20th June, your ascendant lord will be transiting in undesirable houses and will be retrograde. It will go back to Libra and become direct and till September it will be in Scorpio. Thus it will be a difficult year as the support of ascendant lord will not be there. Saturn too will be retrograde and move back to its own star anuradha from Jyeshtha. Till it will be in Jyestha, the period will be somewhat better but not much as Saturn will be retrograde from March to August.

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From January 2019 rahu will occupy your 5th house which is again not good in general.

Remedial Methods:

  • It will be best to recite Hanuman Chalisa Twice daily and wear a locket of Him.
  • Wear a pearl ring or pendant, should be natural and good quality pearl.
  • Visit Hanumanji temple every Tuesday and Saturday and help people in need.
  • Always recite this small mantra when in times of stress and when sleeping, “श्री राम जय राम जय जय राम”

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